5 Best Courses After BDS Degree for Career Growth

courses after BDS

Isn’t it fascinating to get into the field worth USD 38.84 billion in the healthcare industry?

If yes, then shouldn’t you know which field it is? It is dentistry.

If you are already in the field with a BDS degree, it is time for you to consider further courses after BDS for a remarkable future career.

We, DJ College of Dental Sciences & Research extend this blog to help you know about the best course options after a BDS degree.

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Top 5 courses after a BDS degree for a prosperous career:

A wide range of courses after BDS are available and here are the top 5 among them that will turn your career into a remarkable one.

Master of Dental Surgery:

Master of Dental Surgery is the first option for every BDS graduate as a master degree after BDS as it offers specialised dentistry education for you to gain access to top-notch career profiles in a specific dental facet.

Here are the course details of MDS after BDS.

Course descriptionMDS course is centralized on preparing BDS graduates in specific dental specialities. This course focuses on providing in-depth knowledge about advanced dental practices and innovative technologies related to the dental sector.
Course LevelPostgraduate Level
Duration 3 years
Eligibility criteriaGraduation in Bachelor of Dental Surgery(BDS) from any DCI-approved college.At least 50% aggregate score in BDSStudents who have completed a graduate diploma in dental surgery as recognized by the Dental Council of India can also apply for MDS.
Admission procedureAdmission to MDS courses is provided mostly based on NEET-PG score.
Specializations Conservative Dentistry and EndodonticsOral and Maxillofacial SurgeryPaedodonticsPreventive DentistryPeriodonticsProsthodontics and Crown & BridgeOrthodonticsOral Pathology and MicrobiologyPublic Health DentistryOral Medicine and Radiology

We at DJ College of Dental Sciences & Research offer a wide range of MDS courses for BDS graduates to help them upgrade and specialise in their dental careers in the best possible way.

Master of Hospital Administration (MHA):

The second preferable one among the courses after BDS is Master of Hospital Administration which focuses on training students on the administrative aspects of healthcare establishments.

Here are the course details.

Course descriptionMHA course is a kind of management course that inculcates administrative skills that are essential in handling healthcare establishments and hospitals.
Course LevelPostgraduate Level
Duration 32 years
Eligibility criteriaGraduation in Bachelor of Dental Surgery(BDS) or other relevant medical courses at recognised educational institutions.At least 55% aggregate score in qualifying course.
Admission procedureAdmission to MHA courses are provided on merit basis at certain colleges while top colleges require candidates to clear entrance exams such CAT, INI CET, etc for pursuing post graduation after BDS in this degree.

MBA in Hospital Management:

Staying on track, yet in a different way is made possible by opting MBA in Hospital Management among the various courses after BDS. This course is a complete diversion into business management and administration aspects of hospitals.

Here are the course details.

Course descriptionMBA in Hospital Management is a management course that deals with coaching and developing management and administrative skills relevant for hospital business.
Course LevelPostgraduate Level
Duration 2 years
Eligibility criteriaGraduation in any undergraduate degree with a minimum of 55% aggregate score at any recognised educational institution.
Admission procedureAdmission to MBA in Hospital Management courses are provided mostly by considering MBA entrance exams such as CAT, SAT, CMAT, etc.

Dental PhD courses:

Do you know that you can pursue PhD after BDS directly without MDS?

Yes, BDS graduates can pursue a 5 years PhD course after BDS as per the declaration made by the Vice Chancellor of Rajiv Gandhi University of Medical Sciences. Let us get to know about the course below.

Course descriptionDental PhD courses are the doctorate courses that are offered in few dental specialisation that indulge students in research commitments related to dentistry
Course LevelDoctorate Level
Duration 5 years
Eligibility criteriaGraduation in Bachelor of Dental Surgery(BDS) from any DCI-approved college.At least 55% aggregate score in BDS.
Admission procedureAdmission to dental PhD courses requires candidates to clear pre-PhD exams with a required passing score.

PG Diploma courses:

PG Diploma courses are one among the top 5 courses after BDS that have a great career scope in shorter learning duration. Here are the course details.

Course descriptionPG Diploma Courses are advanced diploma courses offered for shorter durations with focus to specific aspects of dentistry such as Aesthetic Dentistry, periodontology, etc
Duration 7 days to 6 months
Eligibility criteriaGraduation in Bachelor of Dental Surgery(BDS) from any DCI-approved college.At least 50% aggregate score in BDS
Admission procedureAdmission to PG Diploma courses are provided considering UG score.

Scope and Career Opportunities after BDS degree:

The dental industry is making great progress in terms of market value thus exhibiting a great career scope after BDS.

Here is the graph of the growing dental services market on the global level.

courses after BDS

Source: Precedence Research

Now, look at the various career options after BDS.

BDS Job RolesAverage Salary in India
Dentist INR 4 LPA
Dental SurgeonINR 5 LPA
Oral PathologistINR 4 LPA
Dental Health ConsultantINR 4.2 LPA
Dental HygienistINR 3 .75 LPA
Medical WriterINR 4.8 LPA
Lecturer INR 8 LPA

Opting for BDS offers no way less career, yet it is advisable to go for courses after BDS for a much better career option.

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On covering the top 5 courses after BDS, we suggest BDS graduates to take one for a strong career growth in the dental and healthcare industry. Higher education after BDS will never fail you in your career road and it is time for you to make your first step in it.


  1. Which course is better after BDS? 

Master of Dental Surgery is considered the best after BDS while many other courses are available after BDS degree.

  1. Which MDS is best after BDS? 

MDS is Oral and maxillofacial Surgery is considered the best after BDS due to the increasing traumatic and defective conditions related to oral zones.

  1. What is the salary of a MDS dentist?

The average salary of an MDS dentist ranges from INR 5 LPA to INR 9 LLA which increases with experience.

  1. What is future for BDS students? 

A BDS student has two future roads. One is getting into the dentistry field as a dental professional or choosing higher dental education for a much better dental career.

  1. What is the further degree after BDS?

There are a wide range of further degrees after BDS, but the most prominent and highly valued one is Master of Dental Surgery.

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