Department Of Pediatric And Preventive Dentistry

The Department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry is an imperial centre for quality oral health care delivery to children and adolescents. “Every child has a fundamental right to his or her total oral health”, and as a Paediatric dentist we uphold this basic right of children in the department. The department governed by the principle of team work, as teamwork helps common people to achieve uncommon results.


No. Of MDS Seats (Recognised by DCI) : 06


  • Specialized in managing uncooperative children by using non pharmacological behavior modification techniques.
  • Single sitting pulpectomies using Rotary endodontics followed by SS crowns is done proficiently.
  • Expertise in managing children under General Anesthesia and doing full mouth rehabilitation procedures.
  • Skilled in procedure of preventive and interceptive orthodontics such as correction of oral habits, serial extractions and space regaining to prevent future malocclusions.


  • With the motto of: ‘Treat the patient and not the tooth’ Department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry deals with diagnosis, prevention and treatment of all aspects of dental diseases both in deciduous and permanent teeth including associated structures.
  • Committed to provide both clinical and didactic instruction to undergraduate and postgraduate students in preventive and therapeutic oral health care, behavior guidance for infants, children, adolescents and for differently abled individuals and to develop an attitude to adopt ethical principles in all aspects of pedodontics practice.


Departmental operatory is colourful, vibrant and child friendly with cheerful play area. The atmosphere is very conducive for the children and every effort is made to instil in them a positive attitude and behaviour towards dentistry.

It is equipped with children friendly behaviour management techniques like audio-visual entertainment, TV screen, toys, etc to give them the most comfortable environment while they get their dental treatment. With the sole objective: to keep the little ones smiling and prospering the treatment is provided by well-trained specialized staff to treat every child with individual attention.

With advanced amenities and technology, Department also has a special air-conditioned clinic with facilities like digital X-rays (RVG), special automated dental chair, which has been set up for the treatment of special cases such as minor surgical procedures, specially abled children and patients who lack cooperating abilities.


With highly subsidized treatment charges the department of DJ College of Dental Sciences & Research runs an OPD for 6 days/week. Strict protocol for disinfection & sterilization is followed and the following services are provided in the department:

  • Preventive aspect such as topical fluoride application, pit and fissure sealants, diet counselling and oral prophylaxis
  • Diagnosis of oral health problems in infants, children and adolescents
  • Restorative treatments
  • Endodontic treatment
  • Extraction
  • Space Management
  • Minor oral surgical procedures
  • Interception of deleterious oral habits
  • Preventive & Interceptive orthodontics treatment
  • Prevention and treatment of patients with special health care needs
  • Dental health education and oral hygiene instructions
  • Parent education and counselling

Towards Patients

  • To instill a positive attitude and behavior in children and parents towards oral health and understand the principles of prevention and preventive dentistry right from birth to adolescence that will last lifelong.
  • Providing quality and standard preventive, comprehensive and therapeutic treatment to all the patients.
  • To manage the physically and mentally challenged children effectively and efficiently, tailored to the needs of individual requirement and conditions.

Towards Students

  • To impart the sound knowledge of bases of pediatric dentistry.
  • Teaching of special behavior management skills in dealing with the child patient, keeping in mind the physiological and psychological differences between a child, an adult patient and a special child.
  • Special emphasis is laid on teaching of preventive procedures.

Salient Features Of The Department

  • Preventive Measures
  • Dental counselling of parents and patients.
  • Demonstration of proper brushing techniques and oral hygiene aids
  • Knowledge regarding preventive dental measures – topical fluorides, pit and fissure sealants, diet counselling and importance of recall visits.
  • Strict sterilization protocol is followed.
  • Special stress is given on waste management protocol
  • Dental health educative posters of patient’s interest and comprehension have been displayed in the waiting area
  • Dental health educative pamphlets are given to patients.


The objective of the department is that the post graduate student should be able to create a good oral health in child,instill positive attitude and behavior in children,understand the principles of prevention and preventive dentistry from birth to adolescence, guide and counsel the parents in regard to various treatment modalities and post graduate students also aquire the experience to carryout research projects,to critically evaluate scientific publications and to communicate clinical and research papers in journals and conferences.

The teaching programme includes the basic medical science also.The detailed and documented records are to be maintained by students for all the academic activities,preclinical work,case done along with special case under general anesthesia and conscious sedation.The students will be specialized for managing the children so as to provide the effective and efficient treatment.

The post graduate programme focuses on inculcate academic proficiency as well as management skills of cases that require advanced behviour management technique,surgical processes, early intervention of caries with prevention of same and trauma.

  • Name Dr. Rani Somani
  • Department Pedodontics
  • Designation Professor
  • B.D.S. KGMC
  • M.D.S. KGMC
  • Experience 25 Years
  • Publications 43

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  • Areas of interest Clinical
  • Name Dr. Shipra Jaidka
  • Department Pedodontics
  • Designation Professor
  • B.D.S. SDM CDS
  • M.D.S. DAV Dental College
  • Experience 18 Years
  • Publications 38

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  • Areas of interest Clinical
  • Name Dr. Deepti Jawa
  • Department Pedodontics
  • Designation Professor
  • B.D.S. MRA Dental College
  • Experience 12 Years
  • Publications 20

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  • Areas of interest Clinical
  • Name Dr. Shobhit Sachdeva
  • Department Pedodontics
  • Designation Reader
  • Experience 9 Years
  • Publications 8

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  • Areas of interest Research
  • Name Dr. Anshul Sachdeva
  • Department Pedodontics
  • Designation Reader
  • B.D.S. Buddha Institute of Dental Sciences
  • M.D.S. Himachal Dental College
  • Experience 10 Years
  • Publications 8

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  • Areas of interest Prevention

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