Things You Need to Know About a Dental College Student’s Life

Dental Science is one of the most sought-after fields in medical science. Bachelor of Dental Science (BDS) is the basic course that puts you on the track of dentistry. Post your BDS, you have multiple career paths however, a Masters’s program (MDS) becomes crucial in the long run. If you are planning to pursue dentistry, you must be excited to note the various perks that come along with it. 

As you gear up to be a dental student, the blog shall help you give insights into the BDS student’s life that lies ahead of you. 

Dental Programs in India:

Enrolling in a BDS course is the only option if you wish to pursue dentistry. BDS equips you with theoretical knowledge and essential practical skills. It gives you a platform from where you can develop your career in multiple ways. Post BDS, MDS is one of the most lucrative options wherein you get to experience student life as a professional. 

Course Highlights

At DJ College of Dental Science and Research, both BDS and MDS are available. Let’s look at the highlights of each of them.

Course TypeUnder-graduationPost-graduation
Duration5 years3 years
Eligibility10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, Biology.Valid score of NEET-UGBDS in UG. 1-year internshipValid NEET-MDS score
Annual intake100Total 42, with differential seats in the specialisation. 

 Admission to each of the above courses is done via order of merit and preference in the specialization. 

Curriculum Design:


During your 5-year life in dental college, the first 4 years would be a mix of theoretical and practical applications. In your final year of BDS course duration, it is mandatory to undergo an internship that equips you with multiple other skills like hospital management, dealing with patients, and rigorous hands-on experience with clinical work. 


MDS courses are a 3-year-long program, wherein you get to opt for the best course after BDS. Following are the MDS courses offered at DJ College of Dental Science and Research.

Oral Medicine & RadiologyConservative Dentistry & EndodonticsProsthodontics & Crown & Bridge Implantology
Dept. of PeriodonticsPediatric DentistryCommunity Dentistry
Oral Pathology & MicrobiologyOral & Maxillofacial SurgeryOrthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics

Top 7 Quick facts on dental students’ college life. 

A dental student is expected to undergo extensive training in theoretical and practical aspects of Dental Science. However, there is more than the curriculum that a dental student is exposed to. Let’s look at the 7 key facts of college life in a dental institute. 

Intense Academic Schedule

 The lectures and lab sessions differ each day for every student depending on your batch. You can expect to have your classes start by 8:00 am or later in the morning. Every year, you shall be engaged in multiple subjects that cover various facets of dental Sciences. 

Inter-Disciplinary Knowledge

 The course curriculum also covers numerous subjects that overlap with other medical disciplines. For instance, you shall engage with Pathology, Anatomy, Microbiology, Embryology, etc. You shall also collaborate with other doctors which shall equip you in dealing with multi-disciplinary cases requiring precise treatments and interventions. 

Dental Real-Time Cases

As a dental student you shall be posted to clinical wards wherein you work under the supervision of doctors. This shall help you in identifying ways to communicate with patients, multi-tasking in complex procedures and hospital management. 

Seminars and Conferences

Seminars and Conferences are the best way to enhance your knowledge base beyond coursebooks. The best colleges for dentistry invite guest lecturers and veteran dentists for expert lectures on technology advancement, and complex case studies, enabling students to engage in profitable discussions. 

Affiliation with Research Projects

 Dental colleges have research centres, wherein you can participate in a particular project of your interest. You can also take the aid of well-equipped laboratories, to carry out your research. 

College Placements

 If you are a BDS graduate, you need to get registered with the Dental Council of India, before you start practising. As an MDS, you can expect to be hired by top private hospitals like Fortis, Max Hospital, etc. 

Colleges Fests and Sports

 Dental colleges offer a lively college life to students. You would witness cultural fests, concerts and sports events throughout your college life, which shapes your personality. 

At DJ College of Dental Sciences & Research, the student undergoes a transformative journey in both academics and personal life. The college is equipped with a central library, auditorium, sports facility, hospital and hostel to ensure that you achieve the desired college life. 

Career Opportunities in Dentistry:

Pursue Higher Education after BDS

  1. MDS is offered in numerous specialisations, wherein a student develops expertise in a certain field of dentistry. 
  2. PhD in Dental Sciences opens the door to research or being an academician. PhD is often done by MDS/MD holders. 

Private Practice in

  1. Private medical facilities like multi-speciality hospitals/ clinics/ nursing homes. 
  2. Govt. medical facility- Combined Medical Services help you develop a career in medical facilities of PSUs, health ministry affiliated hospitals, civil hospitals, etc. 

Abroad Opportunities

 Post your BDS or MDS you can move to pursue higher education or private practice in a foreign country of your choice. Remember to identify the specific requirements of the country you are interested in. 

Research and Development

 If you are interested in finding solutions to complex dental problems, research is the best way to fulfil your career aspirations. You can even enrol in dental research institutes and their projects while you privately practice. 


As you embark on your journey to be a dentist, college life at DJ College of Dental Science & Research shapes you with the desired traits. Along with a structured curriculum, the institute offers you multiple platforms to showcase your creativity. We would advise you to take the opportunities that come your way during your tenure and utilise them for your upliftment in both professional and personal spheres. 


How can I be a good dental student?

You can be a good dental student by being attentive in your lectures and practical sessions. Ask questions and interlink theoretical knowledge with practical applications during clinical visits. Go through complex case studies and journals on different research, which would help you broaden your knowledge. 

What should I ask a dental student?

A dental student can be asked regarding his exposure to clinical works, tested on theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience with various dental surgeries. You can also ask the student about their interest and expertise in various fields of dentistry. 

What do dental students do?

Dental students start their journey with a BDS degree which engages them in intense theoretical and practical sessions. As a dental student, you can further pursue MDS in a specialisation of your choice, which equips you with a field of your interest. 

What is a day in the life of a dental student?

As a dental student, on most days of the curriculum, you shall be engrossed in academics via theoretical lectures and practical sessions. You shall also get the opportunity to attend seminars and conferences. College fests and sports events give dynamicity to the usual academic discourse.

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